Hey there,
Erasmus is coming. Are you ready to start this new experience?
Aquilasmus - ESN L’Aquila, one of the many sections of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is working for you and our volunteers are ready to welcome you in L’Aquila.
We are a NO-PROFIT association, that means we are just volunteers (mainly ex-erasmus as well) who get no money for their time and work.
We help incoming Erasmus students to:
  • Find a house in L'Aquila;
  • Get a fiscal code (called "codice fiscale") and any other document you may need to live here;
  • Learn Italian: we are working on a great project called TANDEM;
  • Have any kind of information about the student life in L'Aquila;
  • Crazy parties, trips, cultural activities, cine-forums;
  • ..and many other things!
So, now you know who we are and what we do.
WHY? We are here to give you all the info you need to reach L’Aquila and start your life here.
First of all, join our Facebook Group, where you can ask or share any info and read the activities that we organize.
If you prefer you can write to us at housing@esnlaquila.it
How To Reach L’Aquila?
If you land in Rome Fiumicino or Ciampino Airports), you can take a Gaspari Bus or Flixbus (only Fiumicino) that will take you directly to L’Aquila (Hotel Amiternum).
Otherwise, if you want to spend some time in Rome before coming here, you can also take a bus from Roma - Stazione Tiburtina (you can choose between ARPA / TUA, Flixbus o Gaspari Bus) that will take you to Hotel Amiternum / L’Aquila Terminal Bus (only TUA).
If you land in Pescara (Airport of Abruzzo), you have to reach Pescara Train Station and Terminal Bus first and then, take a Arpa TUA bus to L’Aquila Terminal Bus. To reach Pescara Train station and Terminal Bus from the airport you have to catch the bus n° 8.
Will you be an homeless?
As mentioned before, we will help you find a good accommodation. Bear in mind that we are not a real estate agency, so we have no way to find a house for you before you arrive. After your arrival, we will help you looking for flats, translating contracts, and solving whatever problem you may have.
First of all, please, fill out our contact form (http://bit.ly/housingaq2019) so we can have all the info about you and work on your request.
Whatever you decide, keep in mind that the university departments are all around the city, and in L'Aquila we don't have night busses, so we strongly recommend to rent an house around the center (Viale della Croce Rossa, Via Strinella, Viale Alcide de Gasperi), so this way you can take part in social and cultural activities.
Just bear in mind that we are volunteers and maybe we might be busy with exams, so sometimes we are not able to find a house quickly. We recommend to book at least 3 nights in a B&B or somewhere else (see AirBnB).
To save some money, we obtained some discounts in these locations:
Meanwhile, if you want to check some houses in L'Aquila by yourself, you can take a look at this Rental Facebook Group.
We are ready to help you, travelling together, discovering cultures and partying hard!
We are sure that this experience can be the best in your life, so now it is up to you to make it memorable!!!
See you soon,
Aquilasmus - ESN L’Aquila Staff